Inkjet Valves

inkJet1sm Inkjet valves from Sinotech can now replace almost every inkjet valve found in today’s large character Drop-on-Demand (DOD) inkjet printers. Until recently, almost all inkjet valves were made by one US company who had a monopoly on the sales of these valves. Inkjet valves could only be purchased through the original manufacturer of the ink jet printer and at very high cost. For some time now, Sinotech has been selling its valves to most printer manufacturers including Loveshaw (Little David), Alphadot, Digital Design, Domino, ABM Marking and many others from around the world.

inkJet2smNow Sinotech can provide the very same ink jet valves directly to the end user. Every valve goes through a very extensive testing process using actual ink to test each valve and to assure that the valves are fully exercised prior to installation into an ink jet system. Simply open up the print head, exchange ink jet valves, close the print head and resume printing.

New Solvent-Resistant Valves

An ink jet valve contains a stainless steel plunger that vibrates inside an ink-filled chamber at up to 600 times per second. The tip of the plunger is equipped with a resilient seal material that vibrates against a plastic valve seat. A major cause of valve failure is the deterioration of the valve seal in the presence of corrosive inks and pigments. To date other valve manufacturers have tried to solve the seal deterioration problem but with limited success.
Sinotech announces the introduction of it’s Sifel line of ink jet valve models (Pat. Pending). Sifel is a new class of flouroelastomer that is highly resistant to alcohol- and MEK-based inks. In fact, Sifel is even resistant to gasoline, toluene, hexane, acetone, and MTBE. So far, no inks have proved too tough for the Sifel seal. Initial tests indicate that a valve with Sifel seals lasts at least 2X as long as a valve made with less exotic polymers such as silicones or EPDM.

A valve containing a Sifel seal is available as a replacement for most makes of ink jet printers including those made by Loveshaw (including Little David), Alphadot, Digital Design, Tomco, Print Jet, ABM Marking, Domino and others.

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