Making high quality shafts is a challenge. Material composition is critical, dimensions have tight tolerances, and shafts must be hard enough to withstand large stresses. Add to that some complex machining and grinding operations. Now Sinotech offers full shaft manufacturing capabilities at its factories in China.

Shafts can be provided in various steel and stainless steel alloys and can be hardened as needed. Full QS9000 level documentation is provided.

Knurled Shaft:


Offset Shaft:


Threaded Shaft:


Splined Shaft:


Other Motor Components

Sinotech provides many other motor components including magnets (ceramic and neodymium), commutators, carbon brushes, lamination stacks and various cast, stamped, and forged metal parts. We also provide injection molded plastics, assembly services, and completely assembled motors.


Sinotech can ensure excellent quality shafts from China, Taiwan and Korea and is very price competitive. Sinotech’s shaft factory is QS-9000 and ISO certified.

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