Coining is the squeezing of metal while it is confined in a closed set of dies.


A work-piece is placed a confined die. A movable punch is located within the die. The action of this punch cold works the material and can form intricate features.

This process is used to produce coins, medallions and other similar products on flat stock with relief features. Very fine detail can be reproduced. Pressures as high as 1375 MPa (200,000 psi) is required to generate very fine features.

Sinotech offers an exceptionally wide range of secondary processes that are applied to metals formed in hot or cold processes. Sinotech’ Supplier Quality Engineers determine the availability of the process within the metal forming facility, as well as the quality. If the internal secondary processes do not meet Sinotech standards then the processes are carried out in Sinotech-audited and qualified off-site secondary processing facilities. Sinotech has audited, qualified and worked with QS-9000 and ISO certified secondary processing facilities in China, Taiwan and Korea for over 12 years. Sinotech is dedicated to managing your project on-site and delivering parts to you at lower prices but the same quality, service and terms as a domestic supplier.

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